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Devon Kosoko:


        First and foremost Devon Kosoko is a Music Producer, his passion for making music led him to DJ 23 years ago. Let us make a long story short.

        His father was a Dj and musician, his first gigs were helping him smash Caribbean influence raves. He started to DJ professionally to pay for university, then continued as a career path once he discovered it created larger salaries than the job he was studying for, but doing what he loved. He established a DJ career in the Northeast of England where he had studied and emerged as a leader in the scene, playing all genres even developing hosting skills at student parties (this became very important).

        While being very active on social media (at the time Myspace lol) Devon got head hunted to spin in Beirut for a then expanding brand Add-mind. After 2 years working with the company and living abroad, he had help developed two brands that spearheaded the biggest club in the Middle East. (White Dubai with brands Y.O.L.O & URBN,which is franchised and still runs to date).

        Speeding along Its been 18 years Devon has Played music and developed brands Internationally, He now resides in Dubai and is Director of KNGDM an independent events company that’s serving as an outlet for his creative talents in the nightlife market.

        While not having any Major credits Devon has been Perfecting Music Production (where it all started) this whole time. With the world centering on social media and ‘what you can see’ over ‘what is actually happening‘ it’s very hard to transition to another lane/skill/talent.

        This website has been developed to enable people/businesses to peak into the process of the move, while feeding the monster that is social media with content to allow Devon to stay relevant in the areas that supply an income.

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Agent: SJ Trotter
Contact: sj@taaworldwide.com