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DJ 4rain:

      • Dj 4rain , from his real name Stephan Tavares, is an electronic and Hip hop French Dj producer . In 2015 Dj 4rain went to Miami to meet JLV who introduced him to Tory lanez sound engineer. They quickly started working and collaborating on Meek Mill’s album « Dreams worth more than money » who was ranked number 1 on the Billboard US and received a platinum distinction. In 2017, they are Grammy Awards nominated for their participation on Tory lanez’s single that was recorded at the David camp studio . The young producer decided to release his first single « Call me » featuring (PS). The single was a success . The single get instant recognition by his new fans and ranked number 2 of the French Shazam charts ,number 100 on the US Shazam charts and 68th  worldwide . In the meantime Dj 4rain take part on the realization of « Memories don’t Die » from Tory lanez album who once’s again made it to the number 1 billboard and received a platinum. During 2018 he sign with Sony Music and release his latest song « Whatever » the video made it to the top 50 best pop music video of the year.

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