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DJ D’loose :


        After 12 years working the circuit around UK’s hottest club scene, DJ D’loose has built an explosive following on dance floors across Austrila,Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Amsterdam, Korea, Malta, Cyprus, Germany, Canada and Kos, to name a few. With a taste for the most elite venues around, DJ D’loose loves being inspired by the electric crowds each time he plays.


        Known for his award-winning appearances at the most exclusive VIP venues, Festivals, Pool Parties to Underground Warehouse venues. DJ D’loose is an open format DJ who plays in front of thousands every week. Known for his uncanny ability to switch up the flavour for virtually any crowd, or venue he appears at, making him one of the most vivid, sought-after artists in the scene. D'Loose's award-winning live sets, relentless schedule, coupled with a consistent flow of releases and promo mixes have helped establish him as the top-notch hardest working DJ for exclusive events around the world.


        When he’s not in the club you’ll find him in his studio, breathing life into new sounds for his awesome fans. There are few things that satisfy him more than watching a dance floor explode after putting hours into a new beat or mix, and that is the effect he aims for in every project.


        DJ D’loose is grateful for his fans and even more grateful for the beautiful venues he’s been blessed to play in. He’s dedicated his career to keeping up with the frantic pace of the club scene, and this is what fuels his passion each and every day.

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Agent: James C.
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