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        Most DJs write their bios in the 3rd person.

        I’m not like most DJs.

        Since the first time I stepped away from my bedroom set up into a club, I’ve been able to travel the world doing something incredible.

        I get to play the music I love to clubs packed with people, and they all seem to love it!

        In the past I’d introduce myself as a Hip Hop and Dancehall specialist, but things have changed.  I still LOVE Hip Hop, that will never change.  Dancehall and Reggae still gives me good vibes when I play it, but I realised very early in my career that being versatile is the key to being able to smash ANY party, in ANY part of the world!

        I only have 1 rule when I play.  I NEVER play a song I don’t like.  Ever.

        I’ve been fortunate enough to travel and DJ in Ireland, Jamaica, Ibiza, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Thailand and of course across the whole of England, smashing clubs, tours, raves and parties to bits along the way!

        I’m not just a DJ though.  I’m a radio broadcaster, I’m an interviewer, I’m a podcaster, I’m a presenter and I’m a REAL music fan!  And I’m good at what I do.

        I’ve filmed documentaries in New York, run studio sessions with some MAJOR artists in Kingston, Jamaica and I’ve interviewed some of the biggest artists & current chart toppers in the music industry.  I LOVE my job.

        Every week I broadcast my New Music Mixshow on ‘The Beat London 1036’ (formerly BANG Radio), showcasing all new music from all the genres I listen to.  The show is also released as a podcast available on iTunes, Podomatic & Mixcloud.

        I’m part of something called ‘BBC 1Xtra Talent’, which means from time to time the good folks at the BBC let me in the building to do my own show, which is nice of them.

        In 2016 I also managed to secure a weekly spot on Eminem’s Shade 45 Radio Station, broadcasting across the United States via Sirius XM, alongside one of the biggest DJs in the US, DJ Whoo Kid and my ‘Underground Kings’ brand partner, DJ Stylus.

        Here’s the part when other DJs start dropping names, who they’ve worked with, etc.  I’m not going to do that here because I want you to rate me from what I do, not who I’ve worked with.  (Plus, there’s a picture gallery on this site for that, go and see there!)

        I can (and do) use three decks in a lot of my sets to create live mashups & throw down some cool tricks that I can do live in the set.   I do it because there’s more to being a DJ & entertaining the crowd than just playing track after track.  I do it in a way you’ll have never heard before, mixing up genres like no one else (in a good way!).

        The other thing I do that I want to tell you about is my youtube channel.

        At the end of 2014 I started to take it seriously & began syndicating my interviews there.  In 2016 I reached 1 million views.

        I now have several different video series’ that you can check out including my interviews, #ArtistAdvice, ‘100 Hip Hop Classics Live’ and some of the other adventures that I go on!

        So that’s who I am and what I do!

        DJ Dubl

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