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DJ Kaila Troy:

      • There is something about Kaila Troy... and her audience feels it as soon as she steps on stage. The Worldwide International DJ can capture any audience. DJing in 20 countries around the world. Kaila can read any crowd. Her Knowledge of music sets her apart. She understands all cultures. Her energy when she DJs is so pure and full of life. Kaila’s down to earth spirit, electrifying personality and love for music is captivating. Kaila’s goal is to create the best musical experience for everyone around the world.


      There’s something about DJ Kaila Troy; and her audience feels it as soon as she steps behind the booth. Between her magne>zing presence and deep record collec>on, the Chicago-born beauty has taken the industry by storm, fearlessly commanding venues worldwide. With five years’ worth of accolades under her belt, Kaila has proven her versa>lity. She was coined the fastest growing DJ to hit the Irish music scene, and she has leI an equal impact Stateside, working with some of hip hop’s biggest names: Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Kevin Gates, Ludacris, Future, Trey Songz, B.o.B and Dej Loaf. With a mission to create memorable experiences for ar>sts and their audiences, Kaila Troy stays true to her roots, never forgeRng the journey that brought her to this point. The story of Kaila Troy begins in Chicago, where she lived for three years before her family relocated to Dublin, Ireland. She would return to the Windy City as an adult, armed with an intenseloveformusicandpassionforDJing. Kailadevelopeda passion for DJing in 2012. By this >me she was s>ll heavily into dance, while holding down a gig as a promoter for DJ Frank Jez— a renowned DJ and radio show host. One evening, while aXending the Oxygen Music Fes>val, Kaila had a chance to fully absorb Frank’s performance. Cap>vated by the intricacy of his craI, she felt a deep desire to learn, and Frank obliged. Within months Kaila mastered the basics of DJing. A few months later, she used her club earnings—she served as a promoter, door person and fire-breather—to purchase her first set of equipment. With Frank as her mentor, Kaila exceled; performing in most of Ireland’s major nightclubs and eventually landing herself as one of the country’s top female DJs.


      Dublin’s music scene provided a wide net of exposure, which Kaila happily included into her repertoire. Not one to be limited, she took every opportunity to cater to new crowds, playing: Electro, House, Hop Hop, R&B, Pop, Trap, Funk, AfroBeat, Reggae and Dancehall. Her skills have granted her gigs in almost a dozen countries, including: Africa, France, Korea, London and Dubai. One of her largest audiences to date was SRM Milan 2016, an annual music fes>val held in India. She considers the performance a career highlight and aims to secure more fes>vals in the future. Kaila returned to the United States in 2014 where her success has con>nued. Signed to management, Kaila’s stateside accomplishments include: a residency with MGM Interna>onal; an appearance on Chicago’s morning talk show, “The Jam,” and Fox’s hit series, “Empire”; shows with A-List celebri>es; and gigs at reputable venues including Hard Rock Hotel, Le Jardin LA, PYRSM, 1OAK Las Vegas and more. She has also worked with major brands such as: the Modern Luxury Miami Magazine, Finishline, Nike, Monster Energy, Topshop, Lady Foot Locker and T- Mobile. Kaila con>nues to bring her engaging personality, effortless mixes, and a desire for excellence to every endeavor. And when asked for the reason behind her drive, she insists that the music is her only mo>vator. There is something mys>fying about the way she wins without warning; and perhaps that’s part of her giI. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you’re well aware: there’s something about Kaila Troy.

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Agent: SJ Trotter
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