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      • Some may recognise Jaymie Deville as an X-Factor Australia finalist from a few years ago.

        The now Dubai-based artist has just released his maiden single titled “How Many Times” and we got a chance to chat to him about the new hit and a few other things! This is what he had to say:

        Jaymie, please describe your sound to our readers

        My sound constantly evolves, right now it’s a blend of groove and emotion ranging from anything between ambient vocals and slamming drums to laid back grooves and catchy hook lines. It’s pensive. It is usually dependent on however I’m feeling or what’s going on around me. 

        You were a finalist on the Australian version of X-Factor, what is your number 1 memory about being on the show?

        My number 1 memory from the show was the first aired audition in the arena. I remember so clearly the feeling I had when I was singing to thousands of people. I knew that I belonged on a stage of that size and knew I needed to take it further. I felt completely at ease, it was a great feeling!

        You’ve just released a track titled, “How Many Times”. Tell us all about it and what was your inspiration behind the track?

        Yeaaaa! ‘How Many Times’ is the first one of the bunch! It’s been a great start we’ve had a lot of airplay in the UK, North America and here in the UAE. This record touches on the concept of being through many relationships but never feeling the way that you know you should be feeling.

        It’s the constant desire for love without the actual grasp of it. It’s pensive. It’s moody. It’s sexy. I guess what inspired it is that exactly. Sometimes i guess i just don’t feel the way i should. So I write about it. Go check it out its out everywhere now. and peep the music video on YouTube!

        What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome in Music so far?’

        Biggest problem? Hmm, The only “problem” I might have is getting caught up on a beat and not eating all day! 

        What do you enjoy most about being in the music industry and what do you hate most?

        I love creating music, I love the feeling you get when you make something you’re proud of. I love collaborating with other artists and producers.

        One thing I don’t like to see, is super talented artists play in-front of a crowd that couldn’t give a sh*#t. that really makes my blood boil. Today’s society sees only sees the numbers and the hype and true talent can often be overlooked.

        Being a multi-talented singer, songwriter and producer – what most inspires you to create? Is it the city you’re in? A gig? A cup of coffee?

        What inspires me to create is 3 things. Life experience being the first, whether it be a random trip overseas, a crazy party, pillow talk, love, hanging out with the boys, anything really.

        Secondly would be having the confidence to carry out and idea from start to finish, without the ‘i can do this’ belief system in place; I feel like a lot of ideas will just hit you and you won’t expand on them. That’s for me anyway. so I think confidence inspires me too.

        Lastly, of course right now making music with Rayan Bailouni, if you guys don’t know who he is, look into him, he’s doing huge things for the city! We clicked from the second I walked into the studio. Producing these tracks together has been inspirational in itself. The dude just gets it!

        What are your thoughts on the Dubai music scene?

        The Dubai Music scene is still very young, but I’m optimistic about it. There are a few brands out here contributing to growth. A company named ‘Dubai Music’ is a big one! Also Big Hass’ ‘The Beat DXB ’ is another.

        Some people say it’s tough out here as a musician. Others say it’s amazing. But I think it’s dependant on attitude and work ethic, just like anything.

        You have quite a busy schedule here in Dubai! Do you get any time to unwind – and what do you do to relax?

        The schedule is tight but I love it! Relax time is definitely a laze in the sun, small swim, massage, steam room or sauna. boom….can’t beat it.

        Thanks for your time Jaymie!


        Interview with Infusion Magazine: https://www.infusion.ae/interview-with-jaymie-deville/



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