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DJ Kio:

      • Multi Award Winning Latin DJ & Producer. First and only Colombian DJ to play at the Mansion Playboy. Based in Dubai

        DJ, producer, remixer and turntablist, very known as the first and only Colombian DJ playing at the Mansion Playboy, now tapping the map across UAE.

        Since his early teens in his home town Bogota -Colombia was inspired by watching MTV, after, become to start to fraternize with local music producers, this captivated him to play music, at 15 years old, set his first turntables and start to play for friends and family. Later on as a mobile DJ, he gain a contract with one of Colombian's top record company, from that moment he can be found behind the decks in front of packed spots, concerts and shows along with some of the most popular artists. He started to travel all around South America expanding his career.

        After one of his biggest tour, in 2011 he was offered the opportunity to work in USA with White Horse records and play in LA’s biggest clubs. There the next step, he specialized in electronic music and hip hop, sharing shows with David Guetta, Daddy Yankee, Zion, Nejo / Dalmata, Alexis / Fido, DJ Jazzy Jeffy, DJ Sindarella, DJ Rhettmatic, DJ Them Jeans,

        DJ Spider, DJ Ohmega Watts.

        In 2012 as he become the first Colombian Dj playing at the Playboy Mansion, also came, to play at Soho House West Hollywood; two remarkable places where only famous people can join, these career experiences, given big popularity and influence on the music industry on his country, returning to Colombia to start a non-stop tour of two years around Central America alongside to DJ Queen. 


        KIO DJ always continue to prove his status in the scene, at his country, took a pioneer role for the music genre, “Reggaeton” and work as producer with Zion & Lennox , Karol G, El Duo Con Clase, Chako, BIP, Gabielle and Jerou to mentioned few. At the same time was exclusive producer of J Diamond. In other genres as fusion, work with Arsenal Colombia and produce “Viva la vida” for the International Zumba Fitness Program. Made with Master Chris, the anthem for The Formula Smile foundation – Pablo Montoya and wife organization. In the same way being a success producing for TV the music of the series “Colombia en su tinta” (Colombia in its ink).

        2014 and landing for the first time on the Middle East, was in Dubai, playing at Savage Garden very popular dance nightspot, where a cycle started and still sound. This year included Europe at Colors Club Nantes – France.

        Fresh and open mind anew made a 4 months tour called “Queen Vs Kio” around South and Central America. Between two years find him going from South and Central America to Abu Dhabi, France, ending again at Colombia on a tour with the group Arsenal (Zumba).

        It wasn’t long when in 2016 his passion and performance take him to reach Turky jumping to Oman, for good, making his home residence at the dream city Dubai, setting at the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Sensation Night Club, Ocacti, Frevo, Abudhabi TV, The Latin Festival, Spice & Ice and more.

        The future looks bright and 2017 is the time sees Kio making music on his studio and let Dubai industry know him more as a producer and DJ. Between electronic and what he culture made him, pursue his for music make known a way of life, which means that exciting times are ahead, challenges accepted. He always thinking to making the people

        dance as the beat of the heart and move you to the premium entertainment.

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Agent: SJ Trotter
Contact: sj@taaworldwide.com