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    Lucas, born in Birmingham, UK, is a music connoisseur, fashion lover, and lifestyle enthusiast.


    Currently residing in Dubai, UAE, Lucas is creator + contributor of the SoundCheque brand, and holds DJ residencies both in Dubai and Internationally with pervious residency’s in places throughout Europe (United Kingdom, Italy, Paris, Ibiza and Marbella) to Asia & Middle East (Thailand, Dubai, Doha, Oman, Lebanon), also from including Australia, Russia and the US.


    Lucas is a very particular individual whom prides himself on attention to detail; a perfectionist. Everyday, he finds the balance in being the life of the party without losing his soul by giving away too much of himself. He stays grounded and consequently more private with a natural mystic.


    ”Everything works out alright in the end .. I trust in the path I am on and know everything happens for a reason on this journey.

    They want me to lose but God wants me to win”


    Balancing between Music + Media , Djing + Production and lifestyle everything is developed in his own time, with his own team in a private safe and secure manor. That being said, I think we’ve said to much ..


    “Lucas .. You Need To Explain Yourself”

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Agent: SJ Trotter
Contact: sj@taaworldwide.com