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DJ Tala Samman:


        A regular at fashion events, and most recently the headlining DJ spinning for thousands at Zabeel Park at the city’s Electric Run, Samman said learning to DJ was something she even hid from her friends at first.
      • “I always wanted to learn how to DJ but I was always too shy to ask friends who were DJs because a lot of them are guys,” she said. “I don’t come from a very musical background, but two years ago, I ended up taking classes with a producer in Dubai at an academy that doesn’t exist here anymore. I remember him saying, ‘Girls never come here...it’s always just guys!'”


      • Dubai-based DJ and fashion blogger Tala Samman talks journeys of discovery, getting people moving, and fecal coffee in a conversation with Arab News. 


        I love the journeys that music can take you on. Music has always played a big role in my life, from dabbling with various instruments growing up, to spending my summers in Syria creating my own mixtapes. I went through the whole teenage pop-music phase, but I built a love for hip-hop, rap and R&B soon after. It was the layers within the songs —from the beats to the verses. As I’ve grown up, and since I started DJing, - I allow myself to discover different artists, genres and origins.


        There’s nothing more satisfying than playing music that makes people move and hopefully gets them to discover new music. I get to play around with music I love and make people jam. It’s the same feeling I get when I share content on myfashdiary.com that allows my readers to learn and discover new things.


        People think it’s easy being a DJ, and all you really do is hit ‘Play’ on a playlist. But there’s so much more to it — so much prep and time that goes into every set. When I play for a crowd, nothing is pre-recorded; I play live picking up the energies from the room. When I started out, I did have a few people say they didn’t expect me to know how to mix.


        I was so proud to open for Dua Lipa here in the UAE. She’s such a strong young woman who stands up herself, whether it’s speaking her mind, to not caring what people think. She’s also the only pop singer I currently love!


        The world’s most expensive coffee is made of feces. Did you know that? I once bought a coffee lover — who owns a top coffee roastery in Dubai — a bag of it when I was in Bali. It’s called Kopi Luwak. 


        I tend to get on with men better than women — personally and professionally. I don’t have any brothers, but I’ve always been very close to my father and had close male friends and cousins. I’ve always had a small close-knit group of girlfriends, too, but always preferred to be surrounded by males. 


        I don’t believe in regrets — you can only learn from your mistakes.


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