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        Russian born, Chinese raised House DJ and producer NUA’s sound bounces between sexy grooves of tech house and classic house and the groovy sounds of techno, all while retaining a funky edge that sets her apart from the rest.


        Music styles: chill out/lounge, nu disco/indie dance, house, deep/ tech house, techno, progressive.


        To succeed in the music industry and DJ scene of today is no simple task, which is why the critical success and innovative reputation of NUA is so impressive. With her complex arrangements, uniquely layered melodies, and catchy rhythms, wherever NUA is on the decks, there’s guaranteed to be a good time. Have extensive experience playing at various events: from cozy private parties and fashion events (China Vogue 7th Anniversary , Race weekend Formula 1 Abu- Dhabi) to mega raves ( Headliner DJ at TOP model Tour by Shanghai Entertaiment)


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Agent: SJ Trotter
Contact: sj@taaworldwide.com